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The “ Sassi” of MATERA ( 60 Kms far )

In this very old city it is possible to reconstruct the course of life from the Stone Age until nowadays. This is the city of “ Sassi “ and UNESCO proclaimed it World Heritage. Sightseeing of the Sassi and rupestrian churches.

LECCE and Baroque art ( 100 Kms far )

LECCE deserved the name “ Florence of Southern Italy “, because of  the peculiar Baroque style of its magnificent and bizzarre buildings, made out of its soft golden stone. Our itinerary begins with porta Napoli and its Obelisco of Ferdinando I and continue through the historical center, reaching the scenic piazza Duomo and its wonderful church tower that stands out over the whole city. Then the imposing Duomo, the Palazzo Vescovile and the Seminario next to it; piazza S. Oronzo with its column, the statue of its Holy Protector and the Roman amphitheatre; the Aragonese Castle of Charles V, which now houses cultural events; and finally the splendid Basilica di Santa Croce, the symbol of the Baroque predominance of decoration. Do not miss, in December, the workshops and the local markets of the papier – maché ( the “ pupi “ ), earthenware and Lecce stone.




This city is called “Door of the East” and is a very flourishing cultural and commercial center. In 1480 Turkish population besieged Otranto and killed 800 of its inhabitants. The memory of this important event is kept alive inside the splendid Romanic cathedral, where the relics of these brave Christians lie. The floor of the cathedral is a huge mosaic, portraying the tree of life with its branches showing the whole history of man, by means of the typical Medieval hyconography: an enormous prayer that synthetize Western and Eastern culture. The ancient borgo surrounded by the Aragonese walls, its paved lanes and white homes is still fascinating.   

The Romanesque Apulian Cathedrals (Andria, Trani, Bari, etc.) 55 Kms far




Taranto was the capital of Magna Grecia reign and, as a witness of its glorious past, we find the glamorous ceramics and the Hellenistic golds, which are kept in the National Archaelogical Museum. In the old part of the city – isle there are the Church of San Domenico with its imposing staircase and the Duomo of San Cataldo with its great Baroque Cappellone which is dedicated to this Saint. It is possible to enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Baia Grande from the grand Aragonese castle, which now is the seat of the Marina Militare and the wooden promenade.

 Castel del Monte – ANDRIA

This amazing castle was an idea of Frederick II of Swabia in order to celebrate the imperial grandeur, and it was completed few years before his death in 1250. The famous eight – sided stone castle stands solitary on a limestone cone near the Murge.



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