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 Trulli were originally built without the use of mortar. Floors, walls, and roofs were crafted from the local limestone, which often lies just inches beneath the surface.

Struttura interna dei trulliExcept for doors and windows and occasionally lintels, the only wood used in trulli construction is the tavalato, a wooden floor laid upon hand-hewn beams and reached by ladder, which forms an attic space that was used for storage and sometimes as sleeping space.. Exterior walls are laid in square or circular plan and from the walls springs the most visually striking feature of the trulli, their cone-shaped roofs. These are created by laying concentric circles of stone, each circle slightly larger than the following one. The horizontal friction between the carefully crafted and fitted stones, and the horizontal arch effect of each ring resisted the tendency of the roof to collapse inwards, thus allowing these massive roofs to be constructed without formwork. The roof is covered with thin slabs of stone "shingles", called "chiancarelle". Elaborate guttering systems are built into the roof to carry the water away from the building or into cisterns beneath or nearby the trullo.

La struttura dei Trulli

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